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Now? Later!

This prompt is from the Daily Post

We all procrastinate. Website, magazine, knitting project, TV show, something else — what’s your favorite procrastination destination?

Well, that’s kind of hard, because I have two favorite procrastination destinations, so I’ll tell a bit about both. 

The first one is an Argo Tea.  It sits right next to the Goodman Theater. There’s not a time I don’t go there in which I say to myself that I’m actually going to go to that theater someday.  I like this particular Argo Tea because it’s tucked away from the craziness of downtown.  It’s rarely crowded, unlike most of the other Argo locations downtown.  I always sit in the back, which further separates me from the hustle and bustle of the area.  I could literally sit there for hours reading, or writing, or playing online…although I rarely stay that long.  I love this place because it offers a breather from whatever I may be into, or whatever thoughts my mind may be hanging on.  For me, procrastination is often about peace….finding peace of mind. I love this place because that is what it provides.

My other favorite place of procrastination is quite possibly the polar opposite in its physical state, but it also offers a different sort of peace and comfort.  That place is Millennium Park, particularly the Jay Pritzker Pavilion. The Pritzker Pavilion, is a sight to be seen, particularly at night.  They offer tons of free entertainment there.  Usually, when I go there, I could be doing something else. But, once again, it brings me peace of mind, especially the classical concerts.  Imagine sitting in a bowl with the city towering over you, and beautiful music surrounding you.  It is something to experience.


Guns, Guns, Guns

So, this 4th of July weekend here in Chicago, 82 people were shot. At least 14 of those were fatal. The lion’s share of those shootings were on Sunday, June 6th.

Let that sink in for a minute

82 people shot in 3 days, including minors.

That’s a lot of people.  Even in a city as large as Chicago, that’s a lot of people.

That’s such a significantly large amount of people, that both the mayor and the police superintendent had to address the situation. While I can’t find the police press conference on Youtube, the message was very clear from Supt. McCarthy:

“It all comes down to these guns: there’s too many guns coming in and too little punishment gong out.”

Gun Laws Blamed For Chicago’s Weekend Shooting Surge

It also can’t be lost  that a significant number of these shootings occurred in poor and disadvantaged neighborhoods, and that was actually brought up by a reporter. It was at least pleasant that the Superintendent acknowledged that these neighborhoods don’t have adequate employment, schools, programs, ad nauseum…

…however, this doesn’t change the sad fact that children are running around in the killing fields, killing and being killed.

So, what is the answer? How can this problem be fixed?

Unfortunately, I firmly feel that a lot of people in Chicago don’t care, because it doesn’t affect them. As long as the violence is isolated to the southside, who cares. This problem is a direct by-product of the deep racial and economic fissures in the city. And good sociology teaches us that the violence won’t stay there forever.

So, are stiffer penalties the solution?  I’d love to hear you all’s views on this.



Welcome back

Hey ladies and gents. Welcome back…to me I guess. It’s been quite a while since I posted anything, I know. It wasn’t a matter of time…I suppose I didn’t have anything to say. But now, I feel like my voice is back. Hell, I feel like my mind is back. So, what can I say?

Well, the school year is over. At this point, I am technically unemployed. I will not be returning to my current position next year. The parting is amicable, and I got stellar references from my administrators. It simply isn’t the perfect fit for me. I wasn’t happy there, as many of you who talk with me already know. So, on and ever upward. Not sure what the future will bring, but I look forward to finding out. If you know a school that needs a good social studies teacher, let me know.

Aside from that, taking each day as it comes. I have tons on my mind, which I will share in the near future. And of course, I’m wandering around this wonderful city of mine. Yeehaw.


So, allow me to present you with a question:

What is the one word or phrase that immediately cheers you up when you hear it?

This questions comes courtesy of  The Daily Post, of course.

I sat here thinking for a few seconds on this question, and I really couldn’t think up an answer.

Well, nothing decent.

The first thing that came to mind was the scene in Full Metal Jacket, near the end of the film…

Animal Mother: Freedom?


Animal Mother: You’d better flush out your head, new guy. This isn’t about freedom; this is a slaughter. If I’m gonna get my balls blown off for a word, my word is “poontang”.


But no, I’m not gonna equate “poontang” to the one word that makes me feel better.

A phrase?  Hmm…I really couldn’t think of one.  Can’t think of one. Even as I type this, no one phrase comes to mind that immediately cheers me up.

Hmm…Maybe “Jamba Juice”.

Jamba Juice always cheers me up.

Hmm…well, as I think about it, I’m sure it would be something related to Jiu Jitsu, because that is the one thing in my life I absolutely adore without reservations.

Hmm…maybe it’s “Shut up and train!”  Seems a bit harsh though.

Definitely something with training.  I truly love training Jiu Jitsu.

Anywho, what about you?  What word or phrase immediately cheers you up?


Well the past few months feel like a whirlwind at this point.  Nothing especially crazy happened.  I just feel like I’m in a constant state of rushing, hurrying, running…trying to make everything come together.

So, this will officially be the first year that I don’t like my career as a teacher.  Not exactly sure what has changed, but this year just hasn’t come together.

Aside from that, life is moving along.  Enjoying training every time I get to step on the mats.  Yesterday was also the first Critical Mass of the year.  That was amazing. I wish I had a new bike, but I will make due with what I have.

I’m also keeping my eye open for a summer job.

Hmm…there’s nothing clever or poetic about this post.  Just saying hello.  I hope all that read this are doing well.



Hello everyone,

Had a few minutes to kill…time where actually setting to do something seems pointless because it’s such a short period of time.  I wonder if there’s an actual word for that time.  Hmm…

Anywho, just a note to say that I’m still alive.  Still here.  Embracing the grind and pushing through.  Been very stressed as of late…wondering when that will subside…if that will subside.  I never feel like I have enough time, and certainly have no time to do the things I really want to do…

…like Jiu Jitsu…

….or finishing my graduate school application…

…or blogging and engaging in discussions with you fine folks.

Well, on and ever upward in this journey.  Sometimes I feel like I see the end of the road.  Sometimes.





I was just notified this is my 100th post on this blog.

Lighting the fire…

…so, I’ve adopted a new motto.  I’m hoping it’s a motto that will carry me through the next few months of work, which has for all intents and purposes sucked this year, and through all of the corresponding issues relating to that.  My boss has assured me that next year will be better, and that small glimmer is the only thing that has kept me from committing to my searches for other employment.

However, that motto is simple:

Embrace The Grind

So I recently began weight training for the first time in 2 years.  I also broke out one of my guitars, and have been spending 20-30 minutes daily enjoying that.  I’ve found those things keep my spirits high, and have kept me motivated from one day to the next.  Motivation has been so hard as of late, but rather than think “Fuck…this sucks”, I’m just gonna embrace the suck.  Turn something negative into something posititive…I’m just gonna embrace the grind.


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