Sick Date Sunday

So, let’s just get this out in the open:  I’m quite the immature individual.

I’m sure if you ask my detractors, they can come up with a laundry list of why I’m immature.  However, I’m thinking of the simple fact that when there is obviously a good choice to be made, and a bad choice to be made, I will tip-toe up and down that fence for as long as possible before nose diving into bad choice land to fend for myself against the forces of darkness and ill repute.  That previous statement does not apply to sexual interactions!  Always wrap your willy!

But let’s be real, when was the last time you started a story with

“Hey man, so I decided to get to bed early so I could be fresh and ready for tomorrow!”

That’s B-O-R-I-N-G!

I can however, tell you many a juice tale that starts with

“It was 10pm, I had to work at 8am, and I knew that I could either be responsible and go to bed, or head out to the club with the fellas and not get home until 4am.”

No one would remember the movie “The Hangover” if it wasn’t for a bag of roofies.

And so, today I had a decision to make.  I’m under the weather, although I feel like I’m on the upswing. When I woke up, my game plan was to shower, eat, and then spend the day in bed watching movies and drinking tea.  Well, a couple things about me:

  1. I hate being sick, and will do anything to prolong the denial in my mind that I am in fact not sick, with the exception of training Jiu Jitsu, because only a dirt bag trains when he’s sick.
  2. I will always choose social interaction to lying in bed alone silently denying to myself that I am sick.  It’s just the life brimming out of me.
  3. A must for any future significant other is a willingness to cuddle me when I’m sick.

And so today shall henceforth be known as “Sick Date Sunday.”

So, I suppose this is as good a place as any to chronicle my dating adventures (mis-adventures occasionally if you will)  as I look for that infamous “someone special”.  The ground rules will simply be that I  shall change names to protect the guilty, and I will never get X-rated.  R perhaps, but not X.  Gotta have some kind of standards.  And so we’re off…

Today was initially supposed to be Coffee/Tea and chat with Sunday Girl #3

Now allow me to explain the naming thing.  That emanates from my roommate.  She says as a general rule, in our discussions on my dating life, women shall not have names until the third date.  Until that, we’ll refer to them as the day of the first date, for example Sunday Girl.  However, for some reason, people seem to think Sunday is a perfect day for a first date.  I have no idea why.  Perhaps it makes them feel more chaste and likely to behave themselves…I am quite the sexy devil if I may say so myself.  Oh well…

And so, prior to the slumping of my health, I’d arranged tea and chat for today.  Well, then my health nose dived after my outing yesterday, which was well worth it.  Damn windy weather!  However, I really hate cancelling on people.  If I cancel, it’s usually for good reason, otherwise I’ll tough it out.  And so, I get a text this morning requesting if we can relocate the date to someplace that will be showing the football game.

Eh…football.  It doesn’t interest me, but i was totally ok with that.  There’s no smoking in bars and such, so it’s all good.  After some deliberation and walking into a nearby bar that was packed a**holes to elbows, we decided on Pizano’s Pizzeria, which had huge flatscreens, all dialed in to the Bears/Lions game.

So, a little background on Sunday Girl #3:

30-year-old African American lady that is also a history teacher, and played rugby in college.  Say what???

So, what are the traits of a good date?

  • Easy conversation – That was easy.  I’m a total Chatty Cathy and I think the biggest issue with me is I often feel like I’m dominating the conversation.  Both being teachers, we talked lots about our experiences, background, and reflections on different aspects of education and our experiences.  The conversation was super easy and we laughed lots.  
  • Flirtation – Hmm…well, she was very understandable of the fact that I was under the weather, but hated to cancel on her, so if she was ok with occasional bathroom breaks for nose blowing, I promised to be good company.  I told her that since I was sick, she wouldn’t have to worry about any attempted groping or the like because I would hate to spread any germs.  She laughed and told me “You better not give me the flu”, to which I replied that coughing on her was still totally on the table for the remainder of the outing.  Yes, not only am I witty, I’m thoroughly inappropriate a good amount of the time.
  • A good time had by all –  Well, I think I can say we both had fun.  I teased her a lot about the bears’ playing this season, and how if I was the Green Bay coach, my pregame speech would’ve sounded something like this:

“Alright boys, so here’s the deal.  I want every play to start with everyone running in a big circle before running your pattern.  Rather than tackling the other team, I want you to think more like playing bumper cars.  I will also be giving bonuses for cartwheels over defenders, flips over tacklers, and a week off for the most picturesque fumble of the game.  Let’s go out there and screw those Chicago fans one last time this season!”

Aside from threatening to punch me in the face at one point if I recall correctly, she seemed to find me good company.

  • Mutual Attraction – Hmm…that’s always the hard one.  My nose was leaking like a sieve, my lips probably looked like Tyrone Biggums’


but other than that, I thought there was a good connection.  She’s a cute young lady with a loose personality.  I can’t quite say at this juncture if I was attracted to her, but it was definitely better than most of the other dates I’ve had since returning to Chicago, in which there was no connection whatsoever, or I immediately fell into the “friend” zone.  Blah!  We did talk about the lemon law



and yet it was not declared by either of us, so I suppose there was some attraction.

So, after tons of witty banter, laughs, great pizza, and 3 Mimosas on her part (I wonder if that had anything to do with her not declaring the lemon law) we parted with a hug and a “call me!”

So, as generally sad as it may sound, Sick Date Sunday was one of the best dates I’ve had since jumping back into the pool. Hmm…perhaps I should go on sick dates more often.  There’s no pressure for a kiss, and you have a great excuse to look a little beat up.  Hmm….

So, what are the other points of a great date?


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