Daily Prompt: 32 Flavors

Vanilla, chocolate, or something else entirely?

In my quest to be more active with offering my voice into the blogosphere, sometimes, we need help for inspiration.  That’s where The Daily Post comes in.  They offer ideas and inspirations to get the creative juices flowing.

So, let us evaluate this question for a moment.

What flavor just gets your mouth watering?

Peanut_Butter_n_Chocolate_Quart_7974lWhat can I say about this little tub of abstract yumminess?  It can be in a cone or a cup, pre-packed or handpacked.  I would eat this flavor until I pickled my liver if left to my own devices.  There’s just something about the creamy chocolate goodness, coupled with the salty, sweet, crunchy peanut buttery goodness that just makes it incomparable.  Many brands offer this flavor, only Baskin Robbins pulls it off right.  Good Lawd!!! Peanut Butter and Chocolate, I salute you!  Peanut_Butter_n_Chocolate_0602l


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