Kindred spirits

I’ve always wondered what that term meant, “kindred spirits.”  The generic definition is

a person who shares beliefs, attitudes, feelings, or features with another

which seems oddly simple for a term for which when used, we put so much weight on the depth of its meaning.  In a slightly deeper search, I came across a blog in which a woman defines the term in what I imagine is perfect….kind of like you have to search to find a perfect translation of the term “namaste” (perhaps I’ll blog about that at a later time).

Allow me to introduce you to Singin’ Mama at Opera Mommy Blogspot as she describes a kindred spirit

If you’ve ever seen Anne of Green Gables you’ll know what I’m talking about when I refer to “Kindred spirits”. Kindred spirits are people that you connect with on a deeper level than just basic intellectual and emotional interaction. They are one who you have a unique spiritual connection with. That feeling that somehow you must have known them in a previous life and you’ve finally reunited.

Now that sounds more like it.  I can say that in my life, I’ve met a person or two that fits that definition.  The first person that comes to mind is a woman that I met in Alaska.  I don’t want to name her here.  I don’t think she reads my blog, but I wouldn’t want to steal her anonymity.  We only met once, through a mutual friend (whom I was dating at the time), but we’ve kept in touch ever since, and…it’s hard to explain.

The first time I met her…just from the first moment, I was like “Wow.”  Not like “Wow, I wanna get in her pants”  or “Wow…she’s smoking hot”  but something different.  Now, don’t get me wrong, this young woman is absolutely gorgeous.  Not like Alaska hot, I mean, walking down Michigan Ave.  turning heads hot.

And while most of you don’t know this, I talk to myself…a lot.  I have these weird conversations in my head. I’m not sure I’m the only one who does this, but let’s just say I have a very active inner monologue, and it comes in different voices, accents, and points of view and opinions.  Rather than having an angel and devil on my shoulder, they’re joined with a cast of characters in my noggin.  And I remember thinking:

“You are not checking out her friend.  It’s just not right.  No, I am not checking her out…but…no, I’m not.  She’s just…her personality.  It’s like a light filling the room.  There’s something different about her.  OK bro, you’re rationalizing the fact that you’re checking out the friend of the girl you’re dating, and that’s a no-no…but I’m not, seriously I’m not….”

and it was funny, because I don’t think I was checking her out.  Sometimes we’re in denial about the things we do of course, but I never took my eyes off of hers…her eyes.  There was just something about her countenance that I found mesmerizing, and I just really wanted to sit down, and talk to her.

You ever meet that person that you just would love to sit down to, and lose yourself in their eyes, in their personality.  You could sit there talking , letting hours, days, months fly by, finding sustenance in the energy that’s flowing from that person to you?

I feel kind of silly talking about that.  You know…I’m sure some of you think I’m super dumb.  Always talking about romance, and all that jazz.  I know sometimes I think I’m the biggest spazz this side of the Mississippi.  But I appreciate those things.  I did the Tango last night with a beautiful woman…and I totally appreciated it.  I haven’t attempted at dancing the Tango in years, and I have no idea what I’m doing, but just experiencing that energy, and sharing it with another person…it just enriches my soul.

And so, I felt really silly about these thoughts about this young lady…until I shared this brief exchange with her one day via Facebook.

Her: you’re pretty much awesome, and I love your perspectives and insights.

Me: Thank you madam. I surely think the same of you. You really rock.

Her: I’m pretty much sure we just define “kindred spirits.” You know, the kind that randomly cross paths on a warm summer afternoon in the middle of nowhere Alaska and experience a somewhat surreal connection. (:

I won’t even tell you how many smiley days I rode on that one.  I tell myself that I don’t have a crush on her, but I do.  I’m a sucker for beautiful, dynamic personalities.

An oddly, I’ve completely digressed, because that is not the reason I started this post. I actually started it to address a passage I came across on my new favorite blog.  It’s called When Strangers Kiss and I am an avid fan.  I came across this young ladies blog after she liked and began following mine…which is a huge compliment.  I’ve never spoken to her other than comments, but in a post, she was describing herself, and I very easily connected with the words.  With a few minor exceptions, she could have very easily been talking about me.  

 I am a planner and a doer.  I am ambitious and when something is not perfect, I change it until it is.  When I worked in a school I hated, I quit and searched for a perfect school with the perfect position for me. I found it and have been happy there for the last four years.  When I lived in apartments with rats, smelly roommates, or both, I moved.  I moved four times in four years and now have a perfect little place overlooking a garden and live with a close friend.

I like to control my surroundings and it kills me that I cannot control my love life.  I have read every book out there about dating, from Dr. Phil to this girl who went out with 31 dates in the 31 days leading up to Valentine’s Day, I’ve read them all.  I have tried everything:  blind dating, speed dating, online dating, meeting guys at bars, meeting guys at bookstores, meeting guys through friends, through family, through Meetup groups, through coworkers.

My impatience and type-A personality leads me to treat looking for a husband like looking for a job.  Surely, if I put enough time and energy into it, I will find him.

After reading that, I remember thinking “wow…now that’s a kindred spirit.”


….and as a side note…I have yet to try speed dating.

Speed-Dating theatrical poster

Photo courtesy of When Strangers Kiss

Have you ever encountered a kindred spirit?


7 thoughts on “Kindred spirits

  1. Thanks so much! This just made my day! You should totally try speed dating! I’ve done it two or three times and each time I’ve gone on 2 dates afterwards. One of them led to a six month relationship. Go for it! 🙂


    • Thank you…and I’m glad to know that. It’s one of those things you rarely talk to others about, because you’re afraid of getting the “oh, oh dear lord” look. Thanks again!


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