So little time…

This week has flown by. I feel like I’ve done absolutely nothing…yet, I have not had time to post here. Weird isn’t it?  Well, most of my evenings this week have been spent training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, or hitting the gym tht I recently joined.

Oh yeah…I joined a gym.  Wicker Park Fitness.  It’s small, but it’s very close to where I live, and I think it will suit my purposes really great.

So, last night I went out with a friend….hmm, let’s call her the blond-haired rule maker.  She is the most adorable woman I’ve met in some time.  She’s a bit tightly wound.  Like, I don’t know, she seems to have rules for everything.

“You can’t kiss within this many dates!”

“You can’t sleep with a guy within this time frame…”

“You can’t date someone without knowing them for this amount of time…”

“I might want children, dependent on the situation, and how this all falls together…”

I suppose that style of thinking is so antithesis to my approach to life, which is “Ummm….f**k it!”  and I jump into it.  I signed up to the Army 1 day after the idea popped into my head.  I moved to rural Alaska on 5 days notice.  I accepted the interview for my current job as I was buying a plane ticket back to Alaska. I’m not much of a planner…my box is more like a decahedron with doggie doors on 5 sides than a squre. Why not let life just take you away sometime?  But the blond-haired rule maker is so adorable in her resolve to see things through on her terms…it’s just endearing.  Where it might be annoying coming from some, from her, it just seems…right.

The blond-haired rule maker and I met through  We actually went on a date.  She wasn’t attracted to me, which is a shame, and so I joined the dreaded “friend zone” She is the kind of person that I think ideally I would like to be involved with. We have enough in common to keep some mutual understandings, but different enough to allow for learning  and discovery.  Nonetheless, she is delightful company, and introduced me to some awesomeness at the Old Town School of Folk Music. Who knew they had World Music Wednesdays….and dance lessons and live music on Fridays???  If you knew, and didn’t tell me, you deserve a rap in the mouth.

So, I’ve been out and about, socializing, and such.  Tonight, I’m gonna put my nose to the grindstone and try to get some work done.  Tomorrow, I’m going with a training partner to see Joe Rogan at the Chicago Theatre.   Saturday, I’m going to the United Center to see UFC on Fox Live! Sunday, I’m actually planning on getting together with a woman from that I’ve been texting and chatting with for weeks now, but we haven’t had the opportunity to get together. She seems really sweet, and I’ve enjoyed our conversations.  I do fear that she doesn’t have time in her life to devote to a relationship though…however I suppose that’s to be worried about after we meet and see if there is a connection.  Should be fun nonetheless.

So life has been a little hectic this past week….but I like it.  I love getting caught in the whirldwind and not quite knowing when the breeze will die down. I look forward to when I find someone to join in this crazy adventure with me.  Won’t that be something?


2 thoughts on “So little time…

  1. Dirty blonde says:

    I’m not tightly wound! (Scrunches up face and shakes fist in the air!) …..and I’ve been misquoted, those aren’t my rules! 😛


  2. C’mon…you have to admit, it’s pretty close to your rules. Pretty close. And of course you’re not tightly wound Ms. “I don’t care for humor”. Not tightly wound at all.


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