I’m currently sitting in an empty laundromat. Just me and the 2 women working here.
I like doing laundry. It’s a moment to take a breather from life and just relax. I put on my headphones and rock out, or open a book and just let my mind unwind and get lost for a little bit.
Earlier tonight I went to see Joe Rogan, which was great. Afterwards, my mind was spinning in thought and I had a few decisions to make, namely what I had to do to make it to Gracie Barra and train. Laundry was on that list and here I am.
Incidentally, as I was getting off the bus to walk the few blocks to the laundromat, there happened to be a you g lady waiting to cross the street in the same direction. As I struggled with my duffle bag full of laundry, she looked over, smiled and said,
“Heavy huh?”

“A little” I chuckled, and proceeded to tell her it was laundry. As we happened to be heading in the same direction, we continued to conversate.

I was a little taken aback by her friendly nature, considering we were on a semi-deserted street at midnight. She was a petite Hispanic woman, with a really pretty face and curly black hair. She told me she was heading to a club a couple blocks away called “V-Live.” I told her I was obviously out of the know, and she told me it was pretty nice, with good music and atmosphere, and that I should check it out some time. She continued to share that she worked full time and was you going to school full time to be a medical assistant.
I mentioned I was a teacher, and we laughed a bit randomly.

I love those incidental moments in life. Those moments that make us smile and a chuckle, perhaps a funny story. It is the incidental moments that break up the momotomy of life that we so often allow ourselves to fall into.
People will often comment that I keep so busy, and often sta on the move. Well, those incidental moments will very rarely occur on your couch.

As we parted ways and said goodbye, and wished each other a good night, I asked, “What’s your name?”

“Jasmine” she said with a smile and wave.

Well thank you Jasmine, for a bright, incidental moment.


2 thoughts on “Incidentals

  1. That’s awesome! I’m surprised she didn’t think there was a dead body in your duffel bag and try to walk away as quickly as possible… but maybe that’s just cynical me. 😉 Seriously though, those random encounters are always awesome. I was hoping she asked you to go the club with her and we’d get a follow up story!!


    • Ha, ha, ha…aww…bless your heart. I was probably hoping the same too. She did say that I should check out the club sometime, at which point I probably should’ve mentioned something about having her phone number, but I’m not nearly that smooth. Such is life.


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