“Don’t Stop Believin’…Unless Your Dream Is Stupid.”

First things first, watch this amazing video!!!

Now, I don’t even know where to start about this video.  I wish more people thought like this.  I don’t know the story behind this video, or the kid featured in it, or the organization Soulpancake.  However, after seeing it, I immediately thought of the Holstee Manifesto:


The Holstee Manifesto

So I assume that the best question to ask is,

“What’s going to be your Space Jam?”

I personally thought that movie sucked, but the intent behind it stands true:

“What are you doing to leave your mark on the world, and make the world awesome?”

What are you doing to not be boring?  Are you mixing it up?  Looking to the stars?  Moving onward and ever upward?

Acquaintances of mine often will inquire as to how I’m always so pleasant, upbeat, and optimistic.  Well, for the first time ever, I will honestly answer that question:


Every day, we have the option to live our dreams, to move one step closer to our end game, or we can whine, and cry, and live in a constant state of uncertainty and unhappiness. Now, please allow me to share one other video with you: “Birds of a feather, flock together!”   How many of us are cynical?  Negative? This is one reason I love Gracie Barra Chicago.  The Redzovic Brothers, and my training partners…they are people who are growing, successful, and moving towards lofty goals and expectations. They want more, and are reaching and stretching…they all want to be on top. As opposed to be on the bottom. So how do we do that???

There’s really no other way than the old Nike maxim:

“Just do it!”  

But yes, I know what some of you Negative Nancy’s are saying right now, because I’ve heard it so many times before: “It’s easier said than done.” Allow me to officially declare Shenanigans! What in life is not easier said than done?? When people say that to me, what I actually hear is “I’m afraid to fail!  I’m scared!”

We’re all scared….Get over it! I spent so many years living like that. I was moving along like life was a lazy river


Just gliding on down the river….

but not anymore.  I’m in the freaking race.  If Michael Phelps looked over and saw me on the starting block, he better be ready for the race of his life.

Well, actually no…’cause I can’t swim a lick…but you know what I mean.  I’m grabbing life by the neck and strangling it.  I plan on killing it long before it kills me.

So, for 2013, let’s erase that “Easier said than done” crap from our existence. Let’s take advantage of each day, each moment.  Let’s live life, and let’s allow negativity to rest in the trunk, and our minds and hearts to sit in the driver’s seat.

“It’s not about what happens to you, it’s about what are you going to do about it?”  

So, Kid President, I salute you.  Don’t be afraid to learn a life lesson even from an adolescent, or words of wisdom from Les Brown, or find inspiration in the Holstee Manifesto. So, let me ask you again.

“What’s your Space Jam, and what are you going to do in 2013 to make the world awesome?”  


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