The Next Frontier…

So this one is going to be very short.  I’m actually pretty tired, and feeling quite proud of myself at the moment.  Walked a mile to the grocery store, and  a mile home in heavy snow, and deep slush, all prepared to have a most unhealthy dinner.

Got home, turned on the oven, and my body just said

“Oh hell no buddy!”  

and my energy level dropped to zero.  So, I ended up having a protein bar, yogurt, and a glass of coconut water for dinner.  Much better!

But, the real purpose for this post was to share a rather entertaining interaction that I had today, and I just couldn’t keep this one to myself.

So, I’ve primarily turned to and for my dating pool.  I just don’t ever seem to meet women in random interactions.  All the women I meet are at work (although I work with a few very beautiful women, not trying to catch a sexual harrassment case), or at training (not trying to catch a sexual harrassment case), and so online dating it is.

So, there has been a woman I’ve been exchanging emails with for about 2 weeks, maybe a little longer.  Nothing too crazy, mostly just “hi, how’s your day going, etc, etc”.  We shall call her “The Actress.”  So, the other night, we happened to both be responding pretty fast, and so we got to talking about just interesting facts about ourselves.  Her fast fact?

“Oh, here’s one thing i may not have mentioned: All of my longer relationships have been with women.”

Needless to say that left quite a few question marks in the air.  As I told my roommate, I didn’t even want to take one step further in that topic at the moment.  That has to be a conversation in person, for the sole fact of it’s going to be freaking hilarious!  So, I then suggested we get together for tea or coffee and to chat.  So, we will be getting together on Monday, which is perfect since I have Tuesday off work.  So, I shall be diving headfirst into craziness.  Let’s all hope I survive.

Also, I had another first on recently.  I got a like on one of my photos from a woman in Uniontown, PA…which is needless to say quite a bit “Off The Beaten Path” from this Chicago boy.  However, I sent her a quick mail to say thank you, as I do whenever someone likes one of my photos.  As I viewed her profile, an interesting fact caught my eye:


Spelled exactly the same and all.  I thought that was awesome, and thought it was very unfortunate she didn’t live here in Chicago.  We would have to go on a date simply on pure principal.  Imagine if we actually hit it off, fell in love, and got married….and she took my last name!  That would be beyond freaking weird.

Think I could talk her into moving???


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