Dating in Chicago, by the numbers…

Once again, I turn to my favorite show, How I Met Your Mother for a moment of grand clarity.

In an episode entitled “Matchmaker”, a woman clarifies for Ted his chances to meet the perfect woman for him, after mentioning he doesn’t need to turn to a dating service.  “There’s plenty of fish in the sea”.

 “Plenty of fish in the sea you say?  Yes, there’s approximately 2,707,120 million people in Chicago, 1.4 million women. Of course you wanna meet someone roughly your own age, let’s say, plus minus 5 years. So if we take into account the most recent census data, that leaves us with 482,000. But, uh, wait

48% of those are already in relationships and then you have to eliminate half for intelligence, sense of humor and compatibility and then you have to take out the ex-girlfriends and the relatives and oh, we can’t forget those lesbians and then that leaves us with 8 women. 8 women in that big….blue….sea.”

Well hot damn. 😦


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