Finding beauty in everything…

Beauty is one of those things that’s simply hard to nail down.

Most concepts are.  To me, beauty is just about as tricky as love.

Beauty is so vast, yet so subtle.  What’s beautiful to one person may be grotesque to another.  One thing that I think is beautiful, another perosn may think it’s completely dumb and insignificant.

Anyone who knows me…who really knows me, knows I’m a sucker for beauty.  Whether it be a pretty face, or hair..or a sunrise…or sunset…aurora borealis…or a great museum exhibit….a beautiful piece of art….sometimes just a beautiful sky on a warm spring day can be the epitome of beauty.

And to some…all of that is insignificant.  Variety is the spice of life they say, and I suppose in this particular situation, that holds true.  However, I am a firm believer that beauty is significant.

It was beauty in a big part that kept me sane while living in Alaska. For all the negatives, there’s nothing like seeing the sun rise and set over the mountains, or seeing a snow scene straight from a post card.

Oddly enough, many of the same features are what I found so beauteous about Afghanistan.  The mountains…seeing the sun rise and set.  The beauty of the culture I found myself surrounded by, and the beauty of the personalities and spirits I was able to encounter.  Beauty is a wondrous thing.

So I recently came across a video in Camille Crimson’s Blog: Lifestyle of a Geeky Redhead Blowjob Devotee.  Now, I warn you before you go clicking that, it is NOT SAFE FOR WORK.  Camille Crimson is for all intents and purposes a porn star.  However, she’s not your typical one.  She and her husband make female and couple friendly videos…but they’re just oral sex.  Nothing else.  If you’re so inclined, it’s quite interesting.  yet, I digress…

She recently spoke of this video, “Projector Snow”.  When I watched it, I intially was a little like “Umm..what am I looking at?”  So I had to watch it a few more times.  In actuality, I love the still photographs more than the actual video.  The stills capture the absolute beauty of what is transpiring.

To make a long story short, when the snowstorm Nemo hit his locale, filmmaker Brian Maffitt set up a projector in a window, and projected the film “The Lorax” out onto the snow.  Who would really think to do that?  But, the effect is so mesmerizing.  Put it with some excellent music, and you’ve got yourself a great moment, captured in time.

For copyright purposes, I will not share any of the photos here, but I will give you the link, and I definitely encourage you to check them out.  Absolutely gorgeous.

Brian Maffitt’s Projector Snow Stills!  

Try to find beauty in every moment of every day.



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