Dystopian Calling

This is an entry in today’s Daily Writing Challenge:  You can get in on the fun here: Daily Post Writing Challenge: Dystopia

I saw it coming years ago.  I suppose the inevitable became evident years before I noticed.  However, it wasn’t until I became an adult, of sorts, and became interested in politics that I began to see the tell-tale signs.

I think the period of time that made my mind absolutely shift towards the path I walk now was during the second presidency of Barack Obama.

While he stood as a symbol of hope, and new horizons for so many, the in-step march of a new regime was on the horizon. The Republican party, as it was then known, working in conjunction with this new, fledgling Tea Party wouldn’t give him the time of day.  They were so staunchly opposed to anything he would say or attempt to do.

People called it ‘political differences’, but it was fairly obvious to anyone with open eyes what was really going on.

If I really think about it though, it’s easy to look back to 2001, and Sept. 11th to see that this wasn’t a new development, but simply a growing wave that  already had firm footholds in the dominant psyche.

I recalled the first time I heard someone suggest “Mulim-only lines” in airports to ensure security…I thought the idea was preposterous, and was sure it would be met with a groundswell of outrage and indignation…but it wasn’t.

That flipped over to the constant questioning and badgering of the idea that Barack Obama was really Muslim, and not Christian, to which I vehemently replied

“So what????”

But it was obvious that being Muslim was not appropriate for the highest office in the United States, although no one was willing to come out and just say it.

And then, someone was.

Bill Bradley.  Tea Party superstar.  Rose out of nowhere.  Young, fire-brand clean cut white kid who came out to knock down a Democratic incumbent Senator. From there, he became the crown jewel of his party, and public sentiment just seemed to become more resolute.

“An America for real Americans!”

“Close the borders and let America become America again!”

While I remembered Angela Merkel, German chancellor,  once saying that multiculturalism in Germany was an absolute failure, I never dreamed such a sentiment would be spoken by an American politician…not a mainstream one.

…and then it was…

…and suddenly it seemed that civil rights for all those not in the Tea Party…started to erode.

You either rolled with the train, or got ran over by it.

Jews, Muslims, Blacks, Mexicans, Liberals, Democrats…

…it seemed each new law proposed and passed overwhelmingly was another step to making us all second class citizens.  Second to the Tea Party.  Which even over time became smaller, more elite, and yet vested with so much power.

The 1%  versus the 99% no longer existed over economy.  It was now 1% of the population having power and rule over the 99% percent, and that 1% was the power elite now known as the Tea Party.

It was so gradual, so subtle, and now.  Now, even the things you say may be punishable in a court of law, because you are threatening the life of a government official.

Once successful Tea Party presidents began placing Tea Party conservatives on the Supreme Court, it only took so long for interpretations to change on the 1st Amendment…then the 2nd Amendment…even the 5th Amendment was augmented.  Now, refusal to self-incriminate is obviously an admission of guilt. No one seemed to find the sudden deaths of Supreme Court Justice’s suspicious.  2 car accidents and 1 downed plane.  3 Justices in 8 years?  I suppose it doesn’t matter now.

Things which seemed unthinkable: secret agents raiding homes, torture, overt religious and racial pandering to a national audience…
…it all seems so commonplace now.

And so here I am.  No one would suspect an old man like me would be possible of this action.  No one would guess that I would be the man willing to sacrifice so much to see this all take place. I guess that’s what made it easy.

And the sacrifices I’ve had to make.

And now, I will make the ultimate sacrifice.  It all seems so surreal. In only a few moments, the motorcade will pull up. The Tea Party President, William Bradley, will exit his vehicle…

…and with the simple pull of a trigger I will begin a new world.  I hope.  I hope this moment ignites people to rise up and take back what has fallen to the wayside.

Justice.  Hope. Peace. Equality.  Brotherhood.


Perhaps it will be all for nothing.  Perhaps the few seconds of satisfaction I feel will be the only positive to come from this moment.

At least I’ll have the satisfaction of knowing I got the best of them.  1 bullet for him, 1 for myself. They won’t get the best of me.

The years of training, and research…

…it all comes to this.

Fiat justita ruat caelum.


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