The Date that went from Good, to Crazy Great…to Bad!

So, I’d have to say that my favorite dates so far have been the impromptu ones. I also have to admit that I’m not really one for a lot of planning. Obviously some is necessary, especially when dealing with meeting other people, etc. However, I like other people who have adventurous spirits, and on a whim may say something like, “Hey, let’s get together for coffee!”, without planning it 4 or 5 days in advance. My brain, schedule, nor my life run with that kind of efficiency. I suppose this was what really intrigued me about the young lady I had a date with this past Saturday.

I woke up late. How late? Set my alarm for 7am…and rolled out of bed at 9:40. In addition, I need to be on the bus by 10:20 to get to Gracie Barra in time for Jiu Jitsu. So, I hopped up, showered, grabbed a protein bar and some coconut water, and was out the door.

That was when I noticed that a young lady whom I messaged with on the day before had messaged me. We exchanged pleasantries and such, and she seemed really charming. In addition, she is absolutely beautiful. Her profile was brief, but she spoke mostly about being a very positive and upbeat person, as well as having a slight addiction to the gym, and currently preparing for a 1/2 marathon. Yes…I was sold.

I brought up the idea of getting together for coffee. She then said “I’m up for coffee today if you are, I don’t have any plans.” She also mentioned that she wasn’t trying to rush anything, but gets annoyed with just emailing back and forth.

Ahhh….a woman after my own heart. We can email back and forth for months, but in 30 minutes, I can learn heaps about you, and any potential connection we may have.

But, the problem was that I looked like a total bum. I was sweat pants and t-shirted out for a day of training. Not necessarily the first impression I wanted to make. However, I decided to just go with it, and after hashing out the details, we’d set up a time and place to meet.

The young lady in question is 33, and works for a university here in the city. Very intelligent, and as I mentioned, really into working out and fitness…which certainly explains her amazing physique. Very pretty face. I was actually a little taken aback when I actually saw her in person. I thought she was even prettier than her pictures. Totally crazy.

After a little parking snafu, we headed to Starbucks. My original destination, the Book Cellar, was full to the brim with people. So, changes in plans were in order, and she totally rolled with it, which I was very happy about.

We sat and talked in Starbucks for an hour. I know it was an hour, because that was how much time we’d put on her meter. Let me say, it was a wonderful hour. Very charming…very direct, very upbeat, bright, intelligent, sweet. She hails from a small farming town. Has lived in a few different places before deciding to call Chicago home. Very close with her family, etc, etc. So, towards the end of the hour, I simply asked,

“What do you think? Had enough of my company, or are you thirsty for more?”

She replied that she was enjoying my company very much, and would love to spend more time chatting. So, after heading back to her car, and feeding the meter, I decided to check out a place that I’d only been to once before.

It’s a small and very charming cafe named Selmarie. She thought it was great, and we continued our talking, laughing, and sharing. She grew up very sweet and innocent, which I found very cute and endearing, since my college years took me down a path that was neither sweet nor innocent. Even better, she was totally ok with that.

So as time passed, and the laughs multiplied, I asked her what plans she had for the evening, to which she replied none. Seems her friend had to cancel their plans due to illness. So, I decided to just go with the flow of my mind, and I invited her to go out with me to watch the UFC fights that were airing on Pay Per view that evening. She mentioned in conversation that she’d never watched the fights, but thought they sounded interesting. And so the plans were made, and we headed back to my place so I could change clothes.

She stood in my kitchen as we chatted, and I got my gi hung up, and unloaded my stuff from my bag. I put some music on, to lighten the atmosphere. At some point, I asked her if she could dance, which she replied “Absolutely!” Mmm…I was curious now. It just so happened that one of my favorite songs, “Say Yes”, by Floetry, came on. It also happens that the aforementioned song is pretty much dipped in a coating of sex!

I walked up to her, and we started dancing slowly, which turned into a long hug…which turned into a kiss.

That first kiss was electric. Totally got the innards shifting to and fro…definitely a bit of a different reaction to a first kiss for me. A sentiment that she actually mirrored later.

The fights were great. My date seemed to really enjoy herself. A bunch of my training partners were at the bar, Trader Todd’s, and she interacted effortlessly with everyone. So, as the fights drew to a close, she mentioned that she was in the mood for dancing. I suggested we check out a place I enjoyed the one time I visited, INNJOY.
Innjoy was a no-go. There was a line out front, as well as one of those part trolleys. She turned to me and said “Can we just go to your place?” And so we did. We sat and talked even more, and before I knew it, she was lying in my bed, and I was cuddled up to her, listening to soft music and enjoying the company and conversation.

…and then the kissing started. I am proud to say that we didn’t sleep together. We did have an amazing makeout session though, which is totally ok between two single consenting adults.

…and as it was late, I encouraged her to simply stay the night, but she said she had to get up early to make it to church. So we parted with one last kiss.

…so, I told her to text me when she got home. I fell asleep sometime around 5am. I woke up to still no text and thought that it was really late when she got home, she probably just crashed. I also thought I would call her later in the day to check on her, as well as officially ask her on a second date…

…and that’s when I found out that she got into an accident on the way home. She’s totally ok, although there was damage to her vehicle. She actually slid into an off-duty cop. She said he was really nice, and the situation turned out okay, sans damage. She’d missed morning mass, so she was heading to an evening service.

At this juncture I feel really bad, and I have the distinct feeling I won’t be hearing from this young lady again.



10 thoughts on “The Date that went from Good, to Crazy Great…to Bad!

    • Aww…bless your heart. I’m behind on my blog reading too. Unfortunately, I have not heard from her. After our initial phone conversation, I thought calling her again would be a little creeperton, so I texted her to say that I hope she had a great friday, and she was on my mind…and nothing!


    • Oh…interesting sidenote. Yesterday, I finally did hear from her…by text, responding to the text I sent on Friday. “My friday was good, and how was yours?” essentially. Very strange, and I’m chalking this one up to the loss column.


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