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Third Coast | Third World


Ah, yes.  That’s the Alsip I remember.

If you’re keeping score, near-southern Chicago suburb Alsip, IL last made the papers in a cemetary scandal that involved recycling grave plots in the resting place of Emmitt Till.

Before that, it was a father-son tandem jumping onto the field at Comiskey Park (do NOT correct me) to beat the crap out of a Kansas City base coach.  I don’t remember who won the game.

Alsip isn’t an altogether bad place with it’s really good park district and star spangled watertower* decorating the sky above I-294.  But when it comes to news coverage, Alsip is basically Cicero without the glamour.

And now, it’s a man convicted in what’s being called a “noose-attack”.  Have you ever heard of a “noose-attack” before?  Where I come from, they call that attempted murder.  Or at least I thought so.  Because I come from Alsip.  What…

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