Hot Chocolate Strikes Again

So this Saturday was date #2 with Lauren.  You may recall Lauren from the previous post on our first date. After the feeling of ambiguity I felt after our first date, I was intrigued and a little worried I suppose about how well date #2 would go.

However, her texts seemed very enthusiastic, and she basically offered a perfect place for this second date, an indoor conservatory.

First off, let me say that this was my first time at the Garfield Conservatory, and the place is absolutely beautiful inside.  It’s very calming, and you get to see so many gorgeous flowers, and plants.  It was a nice way to wander around, and talk about a myriad of topics, while constantly having some sensory input if things got a little quiet.  However, conversation with Lauren seems to fly pretty easily.  She definitely has a bit of a silly disposition much like myself, and is quick to crack a joke or laugh at herself.  For those of you who don’t know me, I laugh at myself a lot.

So we wandered through the conservatory and took in all the sights, and sounds.  You can hear the insects rustling around in the dirt.  Crickets, etc.  I felt like a little kid, wandering around, touching every plant that had a sign that said “Don’t Touch!”  What can I say?

So, we were in the conservatory for about an hour.  So, as the conservatory was closing, I asked her if she had time for coffee.  I use coffee as a colloquialism, because I DO NOT drink coffee.  At least, not straight black coffee…or with cream or sugar…well, it has to have a lot of cream…and a lot of sugar.  Ok, it has to be more like a latte-esque drink.  Preferably if it tastes like coffee, it has to have equal amounts of chocolate and….

…ok…I think you get the point. But so, we decided to head back to my neighborhood since we were closer to there than her neck of the woods (and she was so kind to drive).  After some deliberation, we decided to check out Alliance Bakery, which I visit way more often than I care to admit to.  However, I love their cherry hot chocolate.  So there we were, checking out the sweets.  I decided to stick with my hot chocolate.  Lauren decided to go with a cake pop.

So we sat, and talked, joked around, and laughed…a lot.  Which was nice, and refreshing.  Lauren made me taste her cake pop, which I’d never had before.  It was a very sweet gesture.

One of my thoughts as I went in to this date was as to the fact of whether I’m attracted to Lauren.  At this juncture, I don’t know how to accurately answer that question.  I did however notice that when I’m there with her, my focus is squarely on her, which I take as a good sign.

So, much to my chagrin, the ending to date 2 felt exactly like the ending of date #1:  very businesslike.  Quick hug, talk to you later, and out!  Just felt…awkward.  So, I thought that maybe that was that.

And then…

…I got a text later that night.  It basically said she’d like to see me again really soon, but has a super busy week ahead…so, let’s do dinner next Sunday.  She mentioned it would be a nice step forward from hot chocolate and desert, which I said to my defense was completely coincidental that second time round.  She said she knew the perfect place for dinner and would shoot me details later this week.

Once again her exuberance over text seems totally unlike her actual in person demeanor, as far as excitement towards my company is concerned.  I know however that I often read body language and the sort to much.  As we continued chatting via text, we got onto the topic of yoga, which I said I haven’t done in forever (since the summer actually). She replied that that would be an excellent activity for date #4 and I should start planning now. Hmm…go figure.

Well, what is certain is that at his point, I have a date #3 planned, which will be a first for all of my endeavors.  I’m looking forward to it.  Good times!


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