So, I reached a bit of a milestone recently…my first 3rd date from a connection on Match.  It was with the young lady Lauren, whom I’ve spoken about on 2 previous occasions, obviously.  I had a little trepidation about this one because Lauren has seemed a bit…ambivalent, about our dates…at least in person.  Her texts always seem much more encouraging and reassuring, which worries me.  I don’t want to date my phone!  However, thus far we’d enjoyed each other’s company and had great conversations, and lots of laughs, so when she mentioned wanting to have dinner, I was game.

So, as is pretty customary with me as of late, it took us a while to nail down a time.  I’ve been failing to enter things into my planner as of late, and things seem to be popping out of nowhere on the daily, but we finally nailed down a time, as she’d said her first available day during her last really hellish week for a while at work would be Sunday.

I let her pick the place, and she picked this awesome little Irish pub in her neighborhood named {INSERT NAME HERE}.  I took the train and got there a few minute s after she did.

The place was nice, and the food was super yummy.  We had another great date with good conversation, and I thought we connected well.  Pretty standard really…until we decided to get dessert.

There as a cute little ice cream place a few doors down, and we went in.  They had some excellent flavors, and tons of charm (a “Harlem Shake” was on the menu).  So, we got some ice cream, and sat down.  we were chatting and laughing for a while when a large group of people walked in.  They were obviously a little inebriated, and in good spirits.  Then, one of them recognized Lauren.  He walked over.  He was a rider from the bike group she’s a member of.  He was very pleasant, young black man, and very gay (gay as in the modern colloquialism, not just happy).  He had nothing but good things to say about Lauren, and then he sauntered off.

And then…another member of the group recognized Lauren.  “Lauren Bitch!”  I’m pretty sure was what I heard, and over came the young fellow.  So, in the span of 30 seconds, I was fondled, massaged, kissed on the cheek, and told to call this young man (“call me…Lauren has my number!”), while being told how fabulous Lauren is.  He then shifted gears a bit asking Lauren where she met me, while fondling my bicep.

It was like a whirlwind come in and out.  All the while, Lauren was laughing and mouthing “I’m sorry.”  She then told me she knew that was going to happen if this young fellow spotted her.  She went on to say that I earned major points for my reaction.  It turns out that Lauren has quite a few gay friends, as well as a gay roommate, and she was worried as to how I would react to that.  If I didn’t freak out to the kiss on the cheek and massaging, I was game for whatever else was to come.

So, I walked her home, and we had our first kiss.  It was pleasant.  She then offered to cook me dinner on the following Wednesday.  So…date #4 is coming.


Date #4 has actually come and passed.  I will update about it ASAP.  I apologize for sucking this past week.  It’s been a busy one, and my energy levels have been low.  Hmm….


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