Making your weakness your strength

We all have weaknesses.  Be they mental, physical, subconscious, well within our control, or spiraling far beyond our control…

…however, in life, as we often find, the trick is to take those things which are our weaknesses, and make them strengths…in whatever way you can.

I was reading an article on some of the worst pieces of advice given in MMA. For example, a female fighter who was cornering her boyfriend told him to “Just Coast” because she was certain he won the first 2 rounds…and he had not.  His “coasting” cost him the fight.

However, one of the pieces of advice was the one I’m posting this blog about.  While initially, it definitely seems like a bad piece of advice…upon some thought, it’s not a bad piece of advice at all.

The fighter in this video is Georges St. Pierre, current UFC Welterweight Champion, and the trainer is Greg Jackson, trainer to multiple UFC champions.

What Greg Jackson is basically telling GSP is to make his weakness his strength.  In trying times, no one cares about your weaknesses, or what’s wrong with you.  You have to rise up, and become the best you that you can, to overcome the adversity of the moment.

I get it.  I dig that.  I wish I had someone to tell me “I don’t care you’re sore, I don’t care you’re tired…you don’t think other people are tired, you don’t think there are other people out there hurting?!?!?”    Sometimes, that’s exactly what we need to hear for us to keep in perspective that it is the hurt that will eventually make us great.  It is the hurt that will allow us to be greater beyond our imaginations.

What do you do when you tear your groin muscle???  You hit ’em with your groin.

…and in case you were wondering, GSP won that fight!  And hasn’t lost a fight since.  Go figure!


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