Guess What Everyone? I’m an Inspiring Blogger!


Well how cool am I?  I was nominated for the Inspiring Blogger Award, by one of my favorite bloggers nonetheless: Where Art Thou? Needless to say, this totally made me smile.  It’s always nice to feel appreciated.  In addition, it’s always nice to have someone compliment you on your work, especially when it’s sharing your life, personal thoughts and notions.  I often found myself dumbfounded by the fact that anyone would really care what I have to say…but I’m glad that at least a few people do.  Everytime I get one reader for a post, I feel like John Grisham. 😉

So, with this nomination comes the duty to past this nomination on to others whom I find inspiring.  Here’s the rules:

However – there are rules!
1. Display the logo of the award.
2. Link to who nominated me.
3. Say seven things about yourself.
4. Nominate a whopping fifteen other bloggers!
5. And in doing said nomination, link over to them (preferably to a specific post for a trackback).


  • Displayed the logo of the award above?   Check
  • Linked to the person who nominated me?  Check
  • Said seven things about myself? Check
  1. I totally have a thing for redheads that borders dangerously along the lines of a fetish.
  2. I have an addictive personality, which is why I refrain from drinking, drugs, and why I’m totally enamored and passionate about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  It’s my addiction.
  3. Ugly feet are a total turn-off for me, while cute feet are a total turn-on, but I DO NOT have a foot fetish.
  4. I love cuddling and making out.  I will take a hot make out session over actual intercourse anytime.
  5. My long term goal in life is to get my doctorate.  I’m also a little dismayed that I’m so “late” in my educational path.
  6. I’m very much of a hopeless romantic.  I have huge crushes on 2 of my close female friends.  I think close friends would make the ideal romantic partners, and don’t believe one bit in that “I don’t want to destroy our friendship” bulls**t.
  7. When I first began discovering my sexual awakening, I found that regular Trojans and Durex condoms were super tight and uncomfortable.  So, I went to the store and bought a box of Magnum condoms.  Little did I know that I picked up the Magnum XL’s.  The first time I used one, the damn thing looked like a wind sock hanging off my johnson.  I was horrified, as was my partner, and I secretly believe I was scarred for life by this event.
  • Nominate 15 other bloggers? Umm….

So the following blogs inspire me in one way or another.  Some I read because of their adventurousness, and they inspire me to live more that way.  Some of them inspire me through the great quality of their writing, and they inspire me to be a better writer, and perhaps more entertaining.  I highly recommend that you check out all of them, and make your own judgements. They are not listed in any particular order.  You will also notice there are not 15 of them.  I really wanted to go with just the ones that inspire me.  I hope I didn’t miss one.

  1. When Stranger Kiss
  2. Third Coast | Third World
  3. to be a slut
  4. Sea Play Photography
  5. The Better Man Project
  6. currylove
  7. singleisfunny
  8. Chicago Bike Buddies
  9. Motion 2.0
  10. every day parkour
  11. Suburban Girl Looking for Love
  12. Chronicles of the Romantically Challenged

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