Why Yes I Am A Slacker, And I Am Only Slightly Ashamed

Hey everyone!

It’s been a minute since I posted.  I will attribute this to “Spring Break!” For those of you who don’t know, I’m a teacher.  So, I had a great  time living it up.  I was out and about a lot…particularly training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  If you don’t know what that is, Google it!  It is the most beautiful martial art ever conceived of, and proven probably the most effective martial art in the world…that won’t land you in jail on a 10-25 murder rap.

So, things have been going well.  Tonight I actually have date 3 with Jocelyn!  Yes, you’ve not heard of Jocelyn, because I’ve been slacking.  Also, I’m actually pretty happy to say that we did not meet on Match.com.  Not that there is anything wrong with Match, but I haven’t had much sustained luck there.

We met on Facebook actually. A friend’s wife hijacked his page, and posted a long comment about how excited he was to take a vacation with his beautiful, sexy, funny wife, etc, etc, etc.  I then commented:

“My only question is, does she have a single sister?”

 At which point Jocelyn commented

 “No, but she has some awesome single friends who are almost as funny.” 

and I commented, and she commented, and then I got a message.  It was all pretty cute actually, and I remember debating if I should message her and ask if she was one of the single friends she was referring to.

Date #1 went great.  We met at Argo Tea (I cannot overstate enough how much I love Argo Tea.  If I should ever get in a financially advantageous position, I plan on buying stock in that company!) It went fabulously, and after almost 2 hours, I asked her if she cared to have dinner with me.

She suggested the place, an excellent Thai restaurant.  Lo and behold, we walk into the place, and I immediately recognize Samwell sitting at one of the tables.  If you don’t know who Samwell is, he is a musician who became an internet sensation with his video “What What In The Butt!”

Don’t ask me why a totally hetero guy would immediately recognize a gay internet sensation, but that’s Chicago!  I didn’t want to weird my date out though, so I didn’t ask for a picture (totally should’ve asked for a picture).

Dinner was great.  Conversation came easy, and we laughed tons.  It ended with a kiss on the cheek (from me to her) and a hug, and a mention of a date #2.

Date #2 was a little under a week later.  We went to an amazing mexican restaurant near where I train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  Mexican is her favorite food (she is from California), and she loved it.  She said the Sangria was some of the best she’d ever had also.

After dinner, we walked to a square not far from the restaurant.  I then told her that we should dance.  This was my attempt to find an acceptable way to invade her personal space a little bit.  She was laughing, but she went with it.  I put on tango music on my phone, and we danced in this square, with people walking by and such, but i was oblivious.  I was having a genuinely good time. Then I searched waltz on Spotify and came up with “Waltz for Koop.”  I’d only ever heard one Koop song, so I put it on….LOVED IT!!!

From there, we waltzed, and laughed, and chatted a bit. Then she suggested a song called “Breathe” by Telepopmusik…very romantic song.

And we danced, cheek to cheek…I could hear her breathing deepen, and I could feel a first kiss coming…and then…

“Excuse me!”

It took me a second to react.  We both turned, and noticed a young guy, on a bicycle, well dressed, standing there.

“I hate to disturb you, but I have a question.  I was riding by, and saw you all, and you’re holding each other so close, and you look like there’s a lot of love between you.”  (AWKWARD!)

“I wonder what advice you could give to someone like myself, who has a hard problem maintaining a relationship?”  

To make a long story short…a 30 minute story actually, this guy was 21, lost his virginity at 16, and has been “sleeping with ho’s” ever since.  Once he meets a woman, he’s interested, and then once he sleeps with her, he loses interest…except for this current woman he’s dating.  She is different, and he wants to make sure he doesn’t mess things up.

It was an interesting conversation. It was heartfelt.  Kind of crazy, and tons of overshare.  We both offered advice from male and female perspective, and finally parted company.

“Now, I finally have a witness to the kinds of crazy I encounter on a daily basis.  I attract that kind of stuff!”  

But Jocelyn was totally cool with it, and we walked arm in arm down the road, I hailed her a cab, and we had our first kiss.

So tonight is date #3.  Should be interesting.


2 thoughts on “Why Yes I Am A Slacker, And I Am Only Slightly Ashamed

  1. Jocelyn sounds great!!! What a romantic way to end a date (before that rando interupted, of course!). She’s lucky to have a shot on date 3 with you!!

    Ps- I didn’t know you were a teacher! So cool! Best profession EVER!!


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