The [not so] Charming Drew Glesgo

This story had me laughing so good I had to reshare it. As my friends often attest to, I often have a “it could always be worse” attitude, and this is why…it can always be worse.

Can I Get Ur Number?

Apologies for the unintentional delay there… for those of you just joining I was on my way to reunite with my childhood love and on my LAYOVER he informed me he had a girlfriend (click here to get caught up)

So who are we kidding… Of course I got on that plane went to Florida!!! Only after stopping by the airport bar for a [few] beer(s) first….


I touched down, deplaned (still a little tipsy) and waited for Drew………..’s girlfriend at the arrivals curb.  A car slowed down as it approached me, lo and behold there was Drew in the passenger seat.  Drunk off his ass, but present nonetheless.  Everything in me wanted to be so mad at him, but as soon as he got out of the car I completely forgot all the rules and ran and jumped up into his arms for the hug of…

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