….and so, Jocelyn and I have decided to just be friends.  MMM Hmmm….

…in other news, on Sunday, I had a very unexpected kiss with a very pretty young lady, and I really liked it.  Unfortunately, WhenStrangersKiss, she wasn’t a stranger!

….I also met a very cute woman later the same day.  She struck up a conversation with me while I was sitting on a park bench eating lunch.  More accurately, she started apologizing for her big fluffy dog trying to get at my sandwich, but a conversation ensued.  Turns out we’re both Army veterans, and she relocated to Chicago a few years ago.  I enjoyed our conversation, and when she took her sunglasses off and I saw her eyes, I was totally like “Interesting!” However, I totally choked in the clinch.  I always think “Hey, let me give you my number” or “May I have your number” always sounds so cheesy and cliche, and intrusive in an odd way…I’m strange, but she made mention of Facebook, so I gave her my name, and told her to hit me up.  It does happen to be my primary mode of communication with large swaths of my circle of friends and acquaintances…it’s efficient.  Afterwards I felt like a dillweed and totally said “Man, I should’ve gave her my number!”  Lesson learned.  Well played nerves…well played indeed.


3 thoughts on “……….

    • Ha, ha, ha…you are an absolute dear, and just made my day! The non-stranger is a young lady I’ve known for a few years now. We haven’t hung out in a long while, and it just kind of happened. Was very nice. Made me feel young. Unfortunately, the girl from the park did not Facebook me, but that serves me right for being a weenie. I do however, have a date tonight with a young lady that hit me up on Match.com. Should be interesting!


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