Yo, yo…let me speak on this….

So, I just gotta express this thought:

I love how people worship the second amendment like it came from a private back room meeting consisting of Jesus, Buddha, Allah and Mother Theresa. It wasn’t conceived in divinity, and have you ever thought that maybe it rests in a realm of thought like many of the other ideas that the framers of the constitution had, like slavery, racism, the rule of thumb, and powdered wigs.

Maybe, just maybe, in the evolution of society, it’s not a good idea for everyone to be running around with a gun to be left to their own devices.

You want a gun? Great! Serve your city or your country. Become a cop or a soldier, and you can carry a gun 24 hours of a day.

Otherwise, get out of my face with your 2nd amendment malarkey. I ran around with ’em for 9 years. I don’t want one now, and while I’m not going to lobby so that you can’t have one, one of the truest statements I’ve found to be true in this life:

“When you live by the gun, you die by the gun.”


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