The Clone Wars

This is a response to today’s Daily Prompt @ The Daily Post. 

The question….

If you could clone yourself, how would you split up your responsibilities?

The world has become such an amazing remarkable place.  Think back to the early 1900’s, this question probably wouldn’t have occurred to the average person.  Move forward to the 1950’s, and this was the realm of the weirdest and most magical science fiction, the stuff that the strangest movies were made of .  Move forward to 2013, and this edges on the realm of possibility, with cloning becoming a worry of the courts, and not just the fiction writer.

If I could clone myself…wow.  Well, first, I would have one clone who lived close to my daughters, who could spend evenings with them, and weekends.  Someone who could show them all the things that I wish I could on a daily basis.  I hate that there is so much distance between us.

I would like a  second clone to explore higher monetary endeavors.  Maybe send him to law school, or to get a business degree.  I would aim him to make $100,000 a year…maybe more.  I never poised myself to be wealthy or rich, but I don’t think it was ever outside of my grasp to do so…I would push one of my clones towards those endeavors, see how I’d do.

Then, I would make a few clones to be hunters.  I would groom them to be hunters of people.  They would be fingers of vengeance, pulling together to be a fist to punch a hole in the heart of gangland Chicago.  I’ve always wondered what life in Chicago would be like if a true-life “Batman” existed in this fair city, to bring cold fear to the gangs of the city…if I could clone myself, I would find out.


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