On the Dark Side of the Moon…

For a single person, a wedding invite is a precarious situation based on ones outlook on life…particularly on their single life.

What situation will you be in in X months??? will you still be single, or will you have a +1 to accompany you to the big event.

Well that’s exactly what my purchasing tickets to Wine Riot was like.  Would I have a special someone to take to a big 4 hour wine tasting ?  Well, at the time, the event was 4 months away, and I, the eternal optimist, was sure that I would meet someone whom I would love to take with me.  So, I purchased two tickets…on January 25th, at 12:22am.  And life went on…

Come May 2nd, I had totally forgotten the fact that I’d purchased two tickets.  So when I opened up the email, sent months before, and it said “Here are your 2 tickets to Wine Riot,”  it was like a hard smack in the face.

2 tickets???  Here I am…4 months later.  Single….dismally single.  At that cold, hard realization, I didn’t even have the heart to attempt to find someone to take the 2nd ticket.

However, on the bright side, a friend of mine had also purchased a ticket to go to the event, and so we planned to hang together, and to enjoy 250 wines from around the world.

The event was amazing.  I encourage you to go to it if it comes to your city.  I was happy to have a partner to go to the event with.  It definitely lifted my spirits, and made me feel much better about the evening.

And in true fashion, the evening twisted in a direction in which I’d never have imagined, when my tasting partner and I ended up on her couch drunk on wine, and in a torrid make out session…which evolved into much more than making out.  The only word I can use to describe the situation from my perspective is amazing.

My life is so strange.  Unfortunately, the young lady in question, when sober, has little to no romantic interest in me.

In some odd, poetic, paradoxical way, this situation is perfect.  Poetic justice perhaps.



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