….The Saga continues….

…so, let me start by saying that I had a date last week.  I believe it was last Wednesday.  I can’t quite remember the same day.

Also let me say that that is all I really care to say about that.  She was pleasant.  Definitely not my type.  Just seemed kind of…pessimistic.  I also was not the least bit attracted to her.

I did however, totally turn her on to Jamba Juice, which she’d never had before.  She has since texted me to let me know that she’s had it again.

Rock on!  At least someone is being brought together through my endeavors.

So, I have recently started a profile on OkCupid.  I must admit that I like it more than Match.com.  I’m not sure if it’s going to be more “productive” in my social life, but time will tell.

I have however, ventured into other avenues in hopes of meeting people, and such.  A friend mentioned to me that she used a site called meetup.com, which is not a dating site, but rather a site to be out and about with like-minded people, which I often try to do.

So, I went on my first meetup.com outing this past weekend, and it was fabulous.  I went on an Art Walk in Grant Park, which is one of my favorite parts of the city.


I literally saw things that I didn’t know existed, although I spend tons of time in that area.  Sometimes, we literally need someone to say “Hey! Stop!  Look at this!”  to realize the beauty that is around us, in architecture, art, sculpture, or just natural surroundings.

In the midst of this excursion, I met a really cute young lady.  I didn’t ask her age, but I sensed that she was younger than me…perhaps mid 20’s.  She was Chinese and worked for a company doing educational research, which I found very interesting considering my chosen profession.  We spent the entire walk chatting, and talking over the art we saw.  Afterwards we went with a group to get lunch, and she had to depart early, but I gave her my number, and she said she would call me.

I kind of really hope she calls.

I’m looking forward to the next walk, which will be in another very historic part of the city.  I’m so excited!  I love Chicago history.

Aside from that, life goes on.  I sometimes feel like I’m on a train headed to nowhere in particular…and usually I love the ride, but some moments I just want to stop and get off.

I’ve also been talking credit with my class, and we did some searches for houses.  I saw a place in River City that would cost less than $900 monthly.  Up until this moment, I’ve never had a desire to OWN my own residence.

I hope I haven’t been bitten by the “I want to buy a condo bug”.

God help us all.


2 thoughts on “….The Saga continues….

  1. Great post!
    Just remember, summer is fast approaching and that means more people (women) will be out and about rather than hiding in their caves. The more people, the more chances! Keep on, keepin’ on!
    Love reading your blogs by the way.


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