The aftermath of a one-night stand

So, I’ve found myself thinking over this topic the past few days. Well, allow me to explain…

A few weeks back, I had a one-night stand.
Now, I feel no shame at this revelation. The woman was beautiful, and no money was exchanged, in fact…


It was a perfect example of physical intimacy with someone that you have deep emotional attachment to. It just takes that physical pleasure to another level.

I’ve known the young lady in question for years now. I’m pretty sure I can honestly say that I love her…Or should i say, I’m in love with her. Actually, a few years back we got into this long deep conversation about feelings and I told her the way I felt. I even recounted the moment that I first felt those emotions.

It was the Christmas season. She was home alone sick, so I went by to check on her and lift her spirits a bit. She came to the door in a robe and slippers, looking five shades of pathetic. But I got her smiling and laughing, and as we parted, we hugged and she thanked me, and I thought,

“I am so in love with this woman.” A perfect mix of charm, intelligence and beauty.

Since then we’ve kissed a few times, and as she has lamented one failed relationship after another, I’ve occasionally said “if we were dating, you wouldn’t be having these issues.”

…and so we goes. And suddenly, we slept together. There was alcohol involved. It started out with making out, and then we were on the couch…and then we were in the bedroom…and then she was pushing me back onto the bed…and then…


The next morning I woke up and went to the washroom. When I came out, she was up. I layed down with her and we spooned. We then spooned on the couch after attempting at making espresso, but finding we were slightly hungover.

The cuddling was great. Now, I am a firm believer in addressing the elephant in the room before it pisses on something…

“So wow, we slept together, and I for one thought it was fabulous. Was it ok, or am I going to be a punchline to your friends?

What else is there to say? I’ve never been good at subtlety.

Now this isn’t my first one night stand, nor is it the first time I’ve had sex with a friend. They are not common practices for me at this juncture, but I do have a rather colorful past.

This is however, officially, the first time that the other participant was a complete jerk about the situation.

“It’s just awkward” she said.

Since then, I’ve asked her out to dinner and such, and have been blown off at every twist and turn.

So, this evening I’m going to an event that we were supposed to hang out together at. There’s a possibility that I might see her.

In my mind, we’re not even friends anymore. I can deal with a lot of things, but shady folks is not one of them.

Ultimately, I will chalk this up to an experience had, another lesson learned, and an offered perspective on a situation I’ve never seen before.

My next one night stand is gonna be with a stranger. :-p


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