I’m currently sitting in the Chicago Cultural Center. It’s an amazing place here in the downtown area. It’s quiet…most of the time. It offers tons of amazing art, music, and dance exhibits. It’s also one of the few places downtown that you can charge electronics, as well as access wifi. Also, the place does an amazing job of opening itself to the homeless here in Chicago.
Many times I’ve come here and seen homeless people relaxing, or eating, or occasionally just napping in one of the comfy chairs. It also has bathrooms and such. I suppose it offers a respite from the craziness that awaits pass the doors.
The reason I mention this is that as I came in here, sitting at their “charging table” long executive type table with an industrial power strip, I found myself sitting with 2 homeless people, an older gentleman and a woman probably a few years younger than myself.
As I say down, they were bartering food. “I’ll give you a sandwich for one of your bags of chips” I heard as I plugged my phone in. I said hello to both and started messing with my phone. The older gentleman and I began chatting about blues Fest. He told me the first 2 days had some really good acts.
As we were chatting, a young lady walked her. She was with a large group of women, and they had leftover cupcakes, which they offered to us. I said no thanks. The thought of taking food away from a homeless person struck me as wrong, but the older gentleman offered me one again. I said no.
“Wrong kind of carb for you huh? You look like the type of guy who takes some protein before heading out on his walks.”

How astute!

“I try” I said.

So I’m still here. The older gentleman is folding his clothes, and repacking his bag. The young lady left a while ago.

I was thinking about heading home, but I think I may wander back over to Blues Fest for a bit. I suppose I have nothing but time. And a low cell battery.

But I often like to take time to reflect, truly reflect on, all things considered, how amazingly lucky I am, and to remind myself that I better not f***ing forget it, because it could all change in a heartbeat.


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