“My Life” in the key of “My Woman Done Left Me!”

Ha, ha…I fooled you.  I don’t have a woman. In fact I haven’t had a woman in….

….hmm…I won’t even conjure that number into reality.  Sometimes, if we don’t see things, if they don’t become physical entities upon themselves, we can pretend that they don’t exist…

…or that they don’t bother us.  For all intents and purposes, my singledom doesn’t bother me.  I’m a firm believer that it’s a simply a consequence of being so incredibly awesome…

…and if I should start to feel down, I quit being sad, and start being awesome.  Where my sadness genes should be, half of them have been replaced by awesome genes.  It’s a fact.

However, we all have those moments, and I think it’s healthy, when you simply take a step back, look around, and say

“Maybe it’s me?”

And that is a completely valid question, and one that we should ask ourselves.  Not just about dating, but about a plethora of life situations.  Work, family…just where you are in life.

Maybe it’s you.  Maybe it’s your fault for where you are…or maybe it’s your fortune.

Am I at the best possible position I could be in at this point in my life?  Probably not, but I’m not in a bad position per se.  I live comfortably, I have a job that I ultimately love, and I can pretty much do all the things that I want to do in life

I am however, pretty over the single life.  I’m at a point where I want to be in a relationship.

I also hate when this topic is on my mind enough that I feel the need to blog about it.

But that’s all good I suppose, all things in due time.

However, I still ask…is it me?

Sure, I have my faults.  Don’t we all?  However, I think I’m a pretty good person overall.  I’m pleasant, educated, great with children, responsible…well, fairly responsible.  I’m aging gracefully and I’m in pretty good shape.  I’m active (some would say too active), and yes, I would like someone with a similar lifestyle which overall seems to be the biggest issue.

Hmm…but, as the summer commences, perhaps this is my season.

My first full year in Chicago in years.  No Alaska, no military…that’s a new beginning if nothing else is.

So, I shall reserve the blues song at least until the end of the summer.  If I’m still single when the leaves start falling from the trees…I may start crooning.

“I got the blues bad.  Got the blues, got the blues…got the blues bad!”  


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