“Anyone ever call you “The Family Jules?”

So you may recall me mentioning Jules in a previously post.  She was the slightly quiet, reserved young lady that I went out to coffee with, but whose company I really enjoyed.  Well, last week we did a date #2.

I was planning to go and view an outdoor movie downtown.  It was actually a video of Muddy Waters and The Rolling Stones performing together at a blues club here in Chicago in 1981.  Actually, Muddy Waters was performing, and the Rolling Stones, to whom he was a huge influence, came in.  Before you know it, the Rolling Stones was up on stage as the back up band, and Keith Richards was accompanying Muddy on vocals.  Amazing right??

So, I invited Jules, and she accepted.  I thought it would be a good chance to talk and chat, but have something going on around us in case of moments of awkward silence, which kind of hit us a bit on our first date.  Well, I’m not sure how awkward they were…Jules strikes me as the kind of person who is totally ok with moments of silence between people…but then again, she could be thinking “Why doesn’t he say something”.  Hard to tell.

So, we met up outside of the Chicago Cultural Center.  We planned to grab some dinner and take it over to the movie with us.  In the course of conversating, we agreed to grab Chipotle, and then bounce over to Mariano’s for snacks and wine.

Well, the movie was fabulous. The interaction between Jules and I was great as well.  She’s definitely hard to read…mousy in a way, but she’s very sweet.  I enjoy hearing her views on things,and her stories.  She spent a few years in Africa teaching for the Peace Corps. She, much like myself, has an adventurous spirit.  I really like that.  That’s a necessity for me in anyone I plan on dating.

After the movie, I walked her back to her train, and we chatted and laughed.  Once we got to the station, I said “Well, I had a great time, and I’d really like to see you again.”  She agreed, and we hugged.  I was totally going to leave it at that.  I didn’t want to push anything, but as we separated, she definitely moved into position for a kiss…and we kissed.  So, second date, 1st kiss, and it was very pleasant.

And so, we’re having a 3rd date tonight.  Since I planned the last date, this one is up to her, and she was still thinking it over as of last night.  We’ll see what happens.


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