“How is that even possible?”

The title of this entry is the question that laid before me.

I was sitting in an Argo Tea, one that I actually frequent.  I like the atmosphere, the drinks aren’t too expensive, and I can get work done, or thinking done, it’s an all around good place to be in my opinion.

I was sitting with an acquaintance, sipping my Green Tea Ginger Twist, talking about my joys of teaching when I expressed a sentiment that has gained traction in my mind in the last few days,

“I’ve worked for a plethora of companies and employers, and CPS is probably the most f***ed up boss I’ve ever had!”

and my acquaintance, Jules, whom I was actually on a date with, asked me, “Why is that the case?”

to which I replied, “because the school system is ran by people who have no background in education.”

“How is that even possible…Arne Duncan was in charge at one point right?”

Oh yeah, that’s right….Arne Duncan, the current Secretary of Education under Barack Obama.  Right…surely he has a background in education.

Well, before we address Arne Duncan, let’s take a quick trip down memory lane that will help us better understand the now…


One thought on ““How is that even possible?”

  1. Reblogged this on Third Coast | Third World and commented:
    Who are the leadership of Chicago Public Schools really? And how does the structure work? This author – just another teacher in the trenches – spends 7 short but riveting pages of exploring those questions along with recent CPS history. One of the most convincing and accessible pieces on education reform I’ve seen in a long time. Do not pass this one up!


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