I love traveling by train. To me, there’s something about it that is so relaxing. It’s a throwback…to the days before the luxuries of our lives became the stressors.

Oh, I’m writing this as I’m watching Illinois to by out my window.
I’ve got my iPhone plugged in, and I’m rocking out to one of my Spotify playlists.

I like trains because they’re so less stressful than flying…not to mention cheaper…and so less restricting. If I want food, I go walk to the dining car. If I want to talk to someone, we can talk, without that feeling that the entire world can hear our conversation, or without being told “You must return to your seat sir.”

“Beat it Stew, I’m chatting over here!”

Trains also offer such stunning views.

The first time I ever traveled on a train was in Germany. I’ve been hooked ever since. While this trip was only 2 hours or so outside of the city, once my financial situation improves I hope to go further, and see more things. Perhaps at some point I’ll even procure a travel partner.



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