Confidence boost

Hey everyone.

I’m here. Well here, in Chicago…not in your computer silly.

I haven’t posted in forever it seems. I suppose I had nothing to say. I do however feel like I’m finding a voice again. Amazing right?

Ok, maybe not so amazing.

Anywho, I had an amazing time recently…Friday night to be exact.

So, a few weeks back, I began Lyfting. No…not “lifting.” “Lyfting!”

No, it’s not some strange Crossfit offshoot.

It’s a ride sharing community. If you’ve never heard of it, Google it. It is awesome. It’s an amazing, cheaper alternative to taking a taxi. You’ll know a Lyft car when you see it by the conspicuous Carstache on the grill:


So Friday night, I’m Lyfting. I get a request from a young lady at a bar. I pick her up. Very pretty, and very friendly. So we began chatting and she mentions she’s in town visiting on business. As we continue to chat, I find that she is a college professor…in the social sciences! That’s what my degree is in. So we kind of immediately bond. Before I know it, I think there’s a little light flirtation going on.

After about 15 minutes, the young lady turns to me and says “You are an amazingly nice and charming guy…very attractive too.”

Wow. What a compliment. I kind of didn’t know what to say. I slid out a “thank you.”

She then asked me if I was interested in joining her for a drink near her hotel. I said sure.

So, allow me to also add that by this time I’m fully aware of her fiancée back home.

So we found a nice spot, and we chatted the night away…literally.

We talked our lives, politics, Syria, education, teaching…and it’s been a while since I was so intensely turned on.

Not only was she pretty, but she was so fiercely intelligent and passionate. Whew!

It was such a great compliment that she wanted to spend time with me.

Definitely made my day, perhaps my week, and was a nice confidence boost.



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