All things have a perspective…

So, yesterday, I may have fallen into a pitfall of feeling sorry for myself briefly.

I decided to go to Critical Mass (group bike ride), because it always cheers me up and leaves me feeling good about life.

On the way to critical mass, my pedal fell off my bike.  So, if you’re already feeling sorry for yourself, and then your bike takes a poop on you, thus eliminating your plans for the evening….

…but I thought fast.  I whipped out my phone and googled the closest bike shop.  It was 6pm, and turns out the closest bike shop was only a 15 minute walk, and closed at 7.

Got to the bike shop, and while a bit pricey, they gave me new, and much more durable pedals, they trued my front wheel, and they tightened my brakes.  I was very happy.  Big ups to Kozy’s Cyclery.

From there, I caught up with the Critical Mass, and an amazing night was had.

However, while walking to Kozy’s, bike in tow, feeling a bit poopy, but making the most of it, I came across a couple.  They were coming from another direction, but we kind of hit the corner at the same time.  The man was walking pretty briskly, with the woman a few feet behind, and he turned around and said, “What do you want?”

she said “What do I want?  I want you to either stay at the apartment tonight, or get your shit and get the hell out….and get out of my life as well.”  While that was not the end of the exchange, I started walking a little faster, knowing that this situation was going nowhere good fast.

Hmm…while I seem to be having trouble getting a relationship off the ground, I suppose that’s a much better position than being in one that is crashing and burning in mid-air.

And life goes on.


2 thoughts on “All things have a perspective…

  1. Two things:
    1. I’ve been feeling sorry for myself a bit lately too (but thank goodness no parts of my bike have fallen off).
    2. I love when couples fight. (I have no heart) But it makes me feel like I’ve made the right choices with my life).

    Love this post!


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