“About to head home. Another 15 hour day. I used to frown, now I keep company with Sevendust, The Circle View, Todd Carey, and I try hard to keep things in perspective. I’m working hard to get where I wanna be. I remember back to high school, when I had to practice 2-4 hours a day to be half as good as all the other saxophonists…but when I was lead Alto, the spoils of my discomfort felt so damn good. When I get my Golden Apple, and pop open a portfolio of young minds I helped lead on to amazing lives, they’ll ask me, “When did you sleep?” And I’ll quote 50 cent: “Sleep? Sleep is for those people who are broke! I don’t sleep. I had an opportunity to make a dream a reality!” Preach.” ~ Post of mine from Facebook


2 thoughts on “Sleep?!?!?!?

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