Those who know me know that I use this term a lot.  It’s a term that accurately describes what I need in my life to be….good.

To be on an even keel in life.

  1. a state in which opposing forces or influences are balanced.”the maintenance of social equilibrium”
synonyms: balancesymmetryequipoiseparityequality; More
Yep, that sounds about right…but…man, it’s hard.  It’s funny becasue I find that when my life is in equilibrium, there is a synchronicity that spans across all facets of my life.  I train more,  my work life is more together, my personal life is more together…even my car is cleaner.
But when equilibrium is lost….it sends things in a spin.
It’s amazing how that works.  How life for me works I suppose.  My goal for this week is to maintain equilibrium.  I spent the past few days achieving it.  Took some bumps and bruises in the mean time, but now I’m feeling ok.
On another tangent, for those of you who are long time readers.  The personal life is going nowhere fast.
I did take a sojourn into FWB-ville…and although I always say to myself, “Oh, it’ll totally be ok”…I ultimately come to the conclusion that that part of town really isn’t for me.  I’d rather just make a rest stop at “One-Night-Stand-A-Palooza”.  The long term thing….nah-nah.  And now I know, and I’ll forget in a few months, and hopefully before I make another ill-advised detour, I’ll have come across someone who sees how awesome I am…and yes, I am awesome.  Right?

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