Weekend Love

Sometimes, my mind folds around the ideas of romance.

Those soft moments, stolen kisses….

“…holding  a long conversation over a green tea…”

and those moments when you can gaze into the eyes of someone who understands you….perfectly….

…semi-perfectly….perhaps only in this moment…but that’s ok.

The idea of holding hands, letting the moment wash over you.

Sometimes, my mind wonders what it would be like to wake up to that face.

You know…that face.  The fact that makes me smile, even when it’s angry.  That face that makes you smile when you wake up in the morning.  That face that you worked so hard to be sure you would be able to wake up to someday.

Or maybe it was easy.  Maybe it should be easy.  Hmm…

Sometimes I think of that moment when you know that this is the person. Above all others, this is the one.

“…all you gotta do is say yes, don’t deny what you feel…”

And of course sometime my mind folds around the idea of us, folding into each other.

Caressing, pulling, nibbling, kissing, hugging, whispering…

“…mmm….yes, oh…yes, oh…yes….mmm, ahhh, ooohhh, mmm, ahhh…”

Sometimes my mind folds around the unadulterated honesty of an open heart.  You can tell me anything, don’t be afraid.  No judgments, no bullshit sympathy, just acceptance.

I am here for you…as you are here for me…

…and the perfection in me sees the perfection in you.

Sometimes my mind folds around the abstract ideals of a lonely heart…sometimes of the negative ideas of a defiant heart.

Sometimes the thoughts make me smile, and sometimes frown vehemently.

…and sometimes….well, sometimes…..hmm…


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