Out with the old, in with the new?

So normally, I am uber-excited to write my year in review and New Years Resolutions blog.  However, it just isn’t catching me this year.  I read my resolutions for 2013 and man…I feel like I failed on pretty much all of them.  A big part of that is that I allowed work to dominate so much of my life in the second half of this year.  I felt like I fell down the rabbit hole and just never saw light again.

Over my Christmas break, I thought about a lot of things, and what changes I need to make in 2014 to be a better person…dare I say, to be like my old self.  I was full of life, and zest, and joy, and found joy in just about everything around me…and I lost that.  I suppose I can’t blame my job for that, because it’s something I allowed to happen, despite what’s going on around me.  I used to be good at maintaining equilibrium…I’ve prided myself on that for so many years, and now, I just feel like I’ve been unable to do that.

Well, I’m changing that.  That’s my only true goal for 2014…to maintain equilibrium.  I’m sure I will add more things to this list over the next few weeks…I always do.  However, for now…I recently came across a posting on Facebook that totally changed the way I plan on approaching 2014.  So…

Resolutions for 2014:

1. Maintain Equilibrium – I am not going to lose myself in my work, or should I say, my personal life and well being will not suffer due to my work.  I simply refuse to do it.  Will my professional life suffer?  I hope not, but I’m done letting my emotional and physical well being suffer while in a thankless professional position that never really feels like it advances.

2. Free my heart from negativity – I found that I harbored a lot of negativity in the second half of this year that just drug me down, and clouded my mind, my heart, and consequently just about everything else in my life.  I’m just gonna let go.

3. Free my mind of worries – I’ve never been a worrier.  I don’t know when I started being such a worrier, but I’m over it.  It’s all about conscious decisions on where I allow my mind, thoughts, and energies go, and I’m over the worry.  As I always say, I’m gonna be ok, regardless.  I’m intelligent, talented, and willing to do what I need to do to get where I wanna go.  What do I have to worry about?

4. Give more – I’m a firm believer in a great way to spend life and times is to give to others.  This is something I want to do more in 2014.  That includes volunteering, as well as just helping people around me.  A friend and I are already planning a Free Hugs day this summer, as well as getting involved in some volunteering.  This will definitely be a year for that.  I’ve told myself for a while I wanted to go and volunteer at Paws (Puppies!!!), so yeah, I’m gonna make that happen this year.

5. Write a book – A bunch of people have badgered me over the last year that I should write a book.  I can’t say I agree in whatever it is they think they see in my writing, but for the time being, a good friend talked me into meeting what others think I’m capable of, as opposed to what I think I’m capable of..in the middle.  I’m going to write a children’s book.  Seems strange, but it’s something I want to do.  I love to create.  I was a musician for years.  I like creating art…and this is an opportunity to do just that.  However, I need to find an illustrator.  Well, let’s write the story first.  I suppose the rest will play itself out.  Can you imagine, me, a published author???  Well, you never know what 2014 may bring.  I already have a really cool story in mind.  Stay tuned.

6.  Run a 10-mile race – I’ve already signed up for it. So, to do this, I will actually have to run.  I hate running.  I’m going to do it.

7. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – I want to train…more!  A lot more.  No more going 2 or 3 weeks without training, because of work.  Screw that noise.  My goal is to get in at least once a week, but I’m more likely shooting for twice a week.  That’s what I’ve done in the past, that’s what I plan to do in the future.  This is the one thing I love to do, so why shouldn’t I do it if it makes me happy.  In 2014, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is going to come first, work will come second.  Let’s see how that works out.

I’m pretty sure I’ll add more to this list over the next few weeks, but I think that’s a good start.  Lofty goals.  I’ve spent the last few days pretty mopey, but when I return to work in 2 days, I will smile, and hit the track running.  I think ultimately, I forgot one of the truest sentiments ever spoken:

“Don’t take life too seriously, because you’ll never make it out alive.”


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