Sometimes….a good mood hits me.

That may seem like a strange statement, like it’s similar in frequency of occurrence like a believable siting of Sasquatch or something.

No…I’m in a good mood often, but sometimes you can be hit by a “really” good mood….and if often occurs at the strangest of times.

Sometimes it can be something you hear, or something you see.

Sometimes,  it could just be that your brain has successfully stored up enough seratonin to tip the scales in your favor for the moment.

Sometimes my good mood comes due to the simple absurdity of the situations that I find myself in, or the fanciful words that escape the mouths of babes…

…and sometimes, oddly enough, I find myself swept in the throes of a good mood because the alternative would probably be me forfeiting my career in a barrage of vulgar exultations, foot stomping, and possibly screams.

Today, a really pleasant person walked up to me.  They smiled, and gave me a huge hug, and we chatted for a few moments.

In the mood I’ve been in today, that was exactly what I needed.

The fact that the person in question is breathtakingly gorgeous is beyond the point.

Now, I hope this mood holds out as I move into an evening of grading…

…probably accompanied by music.

Auf Wiedersehen!


2 thoughts on “Carefree

  1. “…forfeiting my career in a barrage of vulgar exultations, foot stomping, and possibly screams.”
    I know I’m ready to use my PTO when this starts to look like a valid life choice. 🙂

    Enjoy your good mood. They are hard to come by in this weather. (For me, anyway.)


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