Lighting the fire…

…so, I’ve adopted a new motto.  I’m hoping it’s a motto that will carry me through the next few months of work, which has for all intents and purposes sucked this year, and through all of the corresponding issues relating to that.  My boss has assured me that next year will be better, and that small glimmer is the only thing that has kept me from committing to my searches for other employment.

However, that motto is simple:

Embrace The Grind

So I recently began weight training for the first time in 2 years.  I also broke out one of my guitars, and have been spending 20-30 minutes daily enjoying that.  I’ve found those things keep my spirits high, and have kept me motivated from one day to the next.  Motivation has been so hard as of late, but rather than think “Fuck…this sucks”, I’m just gonna embrace the suck.  Turn something negative into something posititive…I’m just gonna embrace the grind.



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