Well the past few months feel like a whirlwind at this point.  Nothing especially crazy happened.  I just feel like I’m in a constant state of rushing, hurrying, running…trying to make everything come together.

So, this will officially be the first year that I don’t like my career as a teacher.  Not exactly sure what has changed, but this year just hasn’t come together.

Aside from that, life is moving along.  Enjoying training every time I get to step on the mats.  Yesterday was also the first Critical Mass of the year.  That was amazing. I wish I had a new bike, but I will make due with what I have.

I’m also keeping my eye open for a summer job.

Hmm…there’s nothing clever or poetic about this post.  Just saying hello.  I hope all that read this are doing well.



4 thoughts on “Wandering

    • Aww, thank you sweetheart. I appreciate it. This year of work has totally sucked. I’m hoping as the summer comes I have more me time. I look forward to catching up on what’s been going on with you.


  1. theoccidentalreader says:

    Nice to see something from you. Wishing you luck on the summer employment search…I surprised myself when I accepted my summer job, but it was handed to me, it’s not food service, and I get along well with the only co-worker I will have.


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