serendipity3Life is strange sometimes. As I’ve said before, I’m not sure which set of religious beliefs I’m willing to subscribe to. I do however believe in some variation of Karma. It just often seems like things are too coincidental to be simple happenstance. Thus, the serendipitous nature of life.

I started off the evening at a movie with great company. I chose to ride my bike instead of drive, despite the threat of rain. We saw an advanced screening (The Hundred Foot Journey) which left my mind in an absolute swirl of thought. I hopped on my bike and got about a block until the sky opened up. Two blocks later I stopped at a covered bus stop. I sat there for a bit until a bus came. A few people got off the bus, including an older woman who came over and sat next to me.

We only sat there for about 5 mins, but this was a very serendipitous experience that I will blog about shortly. From there, I pedaled onward in the downpour. About a mile further, something in my brain told me to stop again. I did, and not even a minute later saw an old battle buddy I hadn’t seen since getting back from Afghanistan. That experience brought a smile to my face and helped me find some equilibrium. From there I pedaled on home, and here I am.

My mind is still in a blur. I’ll sort it all out in due time. Now, I know this isn’t the first time that someone told you that life is serendipitous. However, sometimes we all need a reminder.  A reminder that life is out there to be lived, and if you go out to meet it, it will certainly meet you.  Namaste.


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