Jackie Robinson West

I’m composing this as I stand in the blazing Chicago summer (finally) sun. I’m standing in the grass of Jay Pritzker Pavilion, the centerpiece of Chicago’s famed Millennium Park. I’ve come here this morning to enjoy in the parade and second rally of the day of the Jackie Robinson West Little League team.

Don’t know about JRW? Go pick up today’s copy of the Chicago Sun Times…they are promintly featured. They are the Little League United States Champions, losing in a good game to the Korean team. I watched about 20 mins. of it.

Now everyone wants to say they knew the champ when he was nothing, that they saw the streaks of greatness even before the season started. Well, I’m not one of those guys. I don’t follow Major League Baseball, let alone little league. I don’t even think I noticed their story until 1 or 2 games prior to their championship game.

So why am I here?

Because this is history in the making. If my understandings are correct, JRW is only the 3rd Chicago team ever to win the Little League U.S. Championship, and the first all African American team to do so.

More importantly, they are a success story for Chicago. In a day and age when Chicago gets more bad press than Charles Manson, this is a chance for Chicago to be spoken about in a pleasant light. And frankly, they are doing way better than most of the Chicago sports teams.

…and everyone is here. Black, White, Northside, Southside…it’s amazing seeing Chicago come together…and these kids have to be buggin’ out!













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