1. the state of abstaining from marriage and sexual relations.
    “his brother’s priestly vow of celibacy”
    I’ve decided to be celibate.  Well, more accurately, I am abstaining from sex…and sexual activity…that includes masturbation.  :-/  
    Often, when people decide to become celibate, people either assume it’s either for religious regions, or the person is an addict.  Neither reason applies to me. 
    I do love sex though…a lot.  I suppose this will be my own personal Lent.  Sometimes I think you have to give up something to find clarity.  As I’ve dived back into the dating pool, I feel like sex can muddle things.  I definitely still feel that sex is the cornerstone of a healthy relationship, but while I’m single, I think I want to take some time to be sex free.  
    The last time I abstained from sex, I went 15 months.  In the meantime, the person I was dating dumped me, but I felt like it was a good turn for me.  I remember one night sitting with some friends, and a young lady placing her hand on my leg…the electricity that shot across my skin, the way I could so clearly smell her perfume, and notice the subtleties of her beauty, and her form…and oddly enough, my mind was more stuck on these things, and not just “sex” in the normal sense of the term.  
    I think about all the energy I spend thinking about sex, or engaging in sex (not nearly as much as you may think, I mean, I am sexy as hell and all…LOL), and now perhaps I’ll be able to spend that energy in other ways, while rediscovering deeper connections with the women I meet.  I know the first month is going to be hellacious, but after that, it’ll be fine…right?
    Can grown men still have nocturnal emissions?  

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