Flower of Beauty

I remember singing this song my senior year of high school, which was my only year in choir. It was my fave, partly because of the subtlety and delicate beauty of the piece, and partly because it’s a challenging piece to make sound good..and mostly because of the message of the piece.

I suppose all my life I’ve been something of a romantic. While listening to this song today, I thought back to the time. I was probably 6 or 7, maybe even younger. My dad was asleep In a chair I’m pretty sure. It was late at night, but I couldn’t sleep. My mind was in a whirl, which has come to be a hallmark of my existence. But I woke him up, and I said “Dad, I can’t sleep.” He asked me if I was ok. I said “Dad, I’m in love .”

I was in love with my teacher. Ha! Even in my earliest years I was attracted to older women. I think my dad could see the honesty that rested in my face. He said “yeah? Well, it’s gonna be ok.”

Love…romance..desire, such strange and beautiful yet sometimes horrific concepts.

This song also makes me think of a woman that I know now. I find her fascinating in all the most amazing ways. Actually, since we first met this song has made me think of her. She’s been on my mind a lot as of late.

It often fascinates me what makes one person special to another. It’s quite intriguing when you give it some real thought.

I don’t believe that in life we all have “one true love”. That has always sounded silly to me. I rather think we have multiple. Some big, some small… of course some more significant than others, but I think each can help us learn something about ourselves.

But this particular young lady. Hmm… so intriguing.  It’s not often that someone else makes me feel inferior. She does it easily. So intelligent and talented. I still remember when we met. Prior to the meeting I saw a few pictures of her, and thought “Aww… she’s pretty.” But, when I actually saw her.  Yeah, I had no idea.

The eyes, the smile… the charm… and those lips! Hot damn!!!

So of course, the first thought must be “Well, if you feel so strongly about her, why not tell her.” Well, she has a significant other. Which makes me feel foolish for even harboring such emotions.

But, how do you change what the heart feels?

How do you turn your eye from y0ur flower of beauty?



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