Sharing the Love

So today’s assignment is relatively easy:

Today’s assignment: share a few links you love.

So I started by going through my blogroll, reflecting upon the blogs that I read and why. As I began looking through, I was a little dismayed to find that some of my favorites had become inactive. I suppose life marches on, and at a given point, this adventure of blogging or journaling comes to an end…or it’s not the medicine that is needed anymore.

So, I did some housekeeping and deleted several blogs that had become inactive. Some of my old faves however, are still bright and vibrant, one evolved into a book deal and a beautiful, new website (The Better Man Project)

So, allow me to share one of the inactive ones. You’re probably asking yourself, “Why would he share a blog that isn’t beng actively updated?” That’s because it’s still one of my favorites, and it’s still entertaining to read. I think I connected to this blog and author so well because we were essentially going through the same things at the same time: dating and looking for love  She is still one of the top commenters of my blog. She was a great storyteller with a wonderfully humorous outlook on life and relationships. That blog is called When Strangers Kiss.

Another blog I began reading about the same time is Currylove. Also about dating, the author is a 30-something Indian female wading through the waters of dating and relationships, while avoiding the arranged marriage proposals of her parents, and their desires for grandchildren.  I really enjoy reading her posts. I encourage you check her out.

Finally, I’m going to throw out a blog that I only discovered in the last week, through this class, and that is The Mad Musings of Scruples McGee. I think this is the 2nd or 3rd time I’ve mentioned this blog this week, but I really dig it. I’m not good at critiquing the work of others, or giving overly-hyperbolic descriptions of others’ writings. I’ll just say go take a look at it.

So there, I have shared a few of the blogs that captivate and feed my mind. If you’d like to see others, simply look to the right side of the screen.



5 thoughts on “Sharing the Love

  1. I found your blog through the Blogging 101 project and find it rather interesting. You seem to cover quite a wide variety of topics, so I will make sure I visit again to read more. For now, I will hit ‘follow’ and hope you will visit my blog. Feel welcome to follow back if you want.

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