A Simple Reminder

If you are a man, watch the video below immediately.  If you are a woman, wrangle up all the men around you, especially any that co-habitate with you, and make them watch this video immediately.

While women’s restrooms have long been dens of relaxation, fellowship, and camaraderie, the men’s restroom is a tightly run ship of efficiency and teamwork.  If one teammate doesn’t know the rules and his role to play, all hell could break loose.

While you ladies may have time to chit-chat, jib jab, and cackle at last night’s episode of whatever, we men have no time for that tomfoolery; you get in, do your business, and get out.  You certainly don’t  stare me in the eyes and strike up a conversation like the button-down psycho I encountered at work today.  I barely made it out with not only my life, but with civilization in tact. The men’s restroom, affectionately known as “the shitter” wields an unimaginable amount of power, that could topple society as we know it. Consider yourself warned.

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