Monday Morning Pick Me Up: Pep Talk

So I remember the dread sometimes of sitting at home on Sunday night, knowing that Monday morning I had a butt load of shit to look forward to… and I’m not talking pleasant shit…pardon my language.

Currently I am off on Mondays… which is oddly nice. I think in my mind, I’m working off the feeling of Monday having a stigma. It’s the same as any other day…it’s negativity was built purely in my mind.

So for you who still have those Sunday night dreads… this is for you!

This is the Monday morning pick me up… something to get you thinking positive and looking forward to an awesome day. Feel free to send this to friends and family who need the same. Who wouldn’t appreciate a little Monday morning love, right?

Now…I love Kid President and Soul Pancake. If you’re not familiar with them, check out their websites. They are drenched in positivity and love, and I turn to them often when I am low. So, please enjoy my first Monday morning pick me up!

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