Trapped in the Wake of History

***This is a post I started over a year ago, at the beginning of the summer 2013. I never finished it, nor posted it. I shall post it now in it’s unfinished form. *****

The title of this blog, and the sentiments that come from thoughts I had today.

Fact: I live in Chicago

Fact: The Chicago Blackhawks recently won the 2013 Stanley Cup.

Fact: I am not a hockey a fan.

However, when it was announced the city was having a parade/rally to celebrate, I knew I would be there.

“Why?” You may ask.

Because that is history in the making. The last time the Hawks won the Stanley Cup (2010), there were approximately 2 million people at that celebration…which I missed.

Current estimates for today are 2-3 million.

That’s amazing. Those are the stories I will tell my grand kids. Those are the moments that are etched in the psyche and fabric of people and culture. If we only let the bad moments punctuate our existence, we are a doomed people.

“Where were you when Kennedy was shot?”
“Where were you on 9/11?”
“Where were you when Martin Luther King Jr. Was shot?”

In addition, a phrase that is dear to my heart is “Brotherhood in exulted experience.”

Today was brotherhood…across race, ethnicity, socio-economic status, geography….today was just people being people.

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