Monday Night Pick Me Up: Six Rules of Success

I apologize for not having this posted on Monday morning. I’ve been on the run.  However, I can say that I needed this weeks pick me up as much as anyone. In my current transition, I’ve been having lots of doubt, and feeling topsy turvy, not sure what direction I am headed, or how to get ahead from my current position. I’m also willing to bet that at least one person reading this is going through something similar, and at least one person is going through something worse.

It’s for that reason I consistently watch videos similar to this one. I need reminders of how to keep on a good path, and how to face the fears of uncertainty when you’re not even quite sure where you’re headed.  I hope this video provides at least one person some reassurance, and hope, as it does for me. I constantly remind myself that I’m not alone, and I want you all to know that none of you are either. I hope you all have a wonderful week, and look on the bright side in all facets of your day.



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