A Tragedy in Multiple Acts

I’m actually sitting in a bar/restaurant as I begin this post. I’ve been feeling really empty as of late. Low serotonin days…one after another. I was talking to a friend about this…actually the friend I am with now, and I think she hit on the head what I’ve been feeling: 

I just miss intimacy. Which is like the loneliest thing one can miss. Not even sex, but passion you know? 

Yeah…I know. She just came from the bathroom, so I’ll finish this later.

I suppose I spend so much time living in the brighter side of my conscience…sometimes you gotta have bad days. 

Loneliness has been an overwhelming feeling as of late. Sometimes the feeling seems intensified by being around people…which is odd…but in some ways makes perfect sense. I feel like a lot of people don’t really get me. I find myself feeling out of place more and more as of late. 

Maybe I am. 


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