This Might Be Controversial…

So, something I don’t have issue with….is being controversial.

While I always try to be a pleasant, and kind person…I have no issue offering my opinion.

Now, the problem with that is that my opinion often seems to be out of the scope of the norm.  I’m not exactly sure why that is…but I just often feel like it only takes a few minutes before someone is in some variation…offended.  
Over time, I’ve learned to simply deal with that.  I think I deal with this way more than others do.

My opinion has offended you?  Sorry.

Doesn’t change my opinion.  The key to the situation is that this is my OPINION…and there is no universal truth to my thoughts on the world…but they’re mine, and of course, they guide the way I interact with the world.

So…I was kind of overjoyed when I first heard this podcast segment:

It reassured the fact that other people in this world may have off-center, unpopular, and dare I say “very non-pc” views on the world.

I just think I often come across people who voice opinions that are surely reasonable, but completely in line with the spirit of the times…and the spirit of the times isn’t always right.

Eh, I don’t know…but I often find myself shaking my head at people and being like “did Dr. Phil tell you that bullshit?  Sounds good in theory, but I obviously live in a strange alternate reality that works completely differently…but as always, thanks for sharing.”

Anywho, I get the feeling you’ll see me uttering the phrase “This might be controversial…”  because yeah, we’re going through some strange times, and I don’t necessarily see it all the same way that everyone else does…

……and occasionally….
…..I can say some pretty offensive shit.


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